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Alice’s Tulips

“Witty and engaging…The details of Civil War life are richly presented, and the characters who people Alice’s letters are relayed with charm.”
—Houston Chronicle

Alice Bullock is a young newlywed whose husband, Charlie, has just joined the Union Army, leaving her on his Iowa farm with only his formidable mother for company. Alice writes lively letters to her sister filled with accounts of local quilting bees, the rigors of farm life, and the customs of small-town America. But no town is too small for intrigue and treachery, and when Alice finds herself accused of murder, she discovers her own hidden strengths. Rich in details of quilting, Civil War-era America, and the realities of a woman’s life in the nineteenth century, Alice’s Tulips is Sandra Dallas at her best.

Author’s Note

Poking through a consignment shop in Denver in the mid-1990s, I found a wonderful Civil War-era Friendship Quilt with names so wonderful that I wanted to use them for characters in a novel. Shortly afterward, I came across the mention of a quilt pattern for Alice’s Tulips, which I thought would make a fine title. I knew I wanted to write a book that included quilt lore, and Diane Mott Davidson, the best-selling culinary mystery writer, suggested I write a book of letters. With all those elements, I went in search of a plot and came up with Alice’s Tulips. At first, I wasn’t sure I had the background to write a book set during the Civil War. Then I realized that Alice’s Tulips is not about battles and troop movements but about women left behind during wartime and the bonds they forge with each other.

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